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Potato Salad

POTATO SALAD +need help


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Home Cooking Potato Salad

POTATO SALAD +need help

pearlD | | Jun 24, 2007 04:38 PM

This is probably the wrong place to ask but I need to ask about "Potato Salad"....It's fine the day it's made but store it overnight in the refrigerator and it gets quite 'watery'. Does anyone know why this happens? I use cold cooked potatoes, onion. celery, sweet peppers, carrots hard boiled egg and the seasonings...salt & pepper, vinegar, miracle whip and sour cream. A couple of people have suggested using celery salt(instead of fresh), onion powder(instead of fresh)...the feeling is that they 'shed water' when diced? It's my Summer food dilemma!