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Post-Fenway Report


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Post-Fenway Report

mohotta | | Sep 3, 2006 12:40 PM

They changed the time of the game on us to 1pm, so ended up going out after the game. Audobon was practically empty at 5, but we got a table by the window and watched the college students roll in with a pitcher of Magic Hat, nice. We really liked the grilled shrimp app, with a sesame citrus dipping sauce. The wings were not "spicy sweet" as described, not spicy at all really, but they still went quick! Decided to check out someplace else, and ended up in the bar at Eastern Standard. After a mojito and some very tasty Welfleet oysters, we decided to check out their burger. Good choice. It was *chow alert*...phenomenal! It was ordered medium well (per DH, sorry) but came out closer to medium and IMHO - perfect (I've had Bartley's but not O'S). So juicy, moist and tasty. Plus they happily split it for us and served it on two plates with a mound of fries each. The fries were good too, thin and very crispy, but man that definitely made up for the dismal game (no Papi or Manny!) and weather. So thanks Hounds - a great day in Kenmore Sq.

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