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Pork lover looking for Dining Advice for Short Time in Rome!


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Pork lover looking for Dining Advice for Short Time in Rome!

wenhaines14 | | Sep 10, 2009 09:04 AM

I've been stalking Chow boards for years and this is my first post for ever! It's with a mix of anxiety and excitement that i post questions (for help! for feedback!) on my upcoming honeymoon to Italy next week.

Specifically, my new hubby and I will be spending a mere 3 days in Rome and we want to make the most out of it without getting overwhelmed with the notion of "seeing everything."

So here's the gist - we arrive in Rome very early (7am!) and have planned two "musts" - (1) Evening Tour of the Vatican Museums/Sistine Chapel and (2) a Context tour of Imperial Rome (Colosseum, etc.). Our hotel is near the Forum and the rest of our time between the tours is open. I'm a New Yorker so am used to walking A LOT. Ideally, we'd want to explore neighborhoods while stumbling onto great food options. We do not have to eat at a fine dining / Michelin-rated establishment...and prefer authentic comfort foods, good wines (esp whites since the husband has a weird allergy to reds), and street foods. Also, as you notice, I am very much a lover of the swine so places with great pork dishes are always welcome :)

As time is limited - what would folks recommend? Is there any good wine bar or casual place near the Vatican we can stop off for a pre-tour bite? If I am looking for one authentic/interesting place for Roman food - would Checchino dal 1887 be a good one? And what are people's thoughts on Spirito Di Vino? I read mixed reviews on these boards but I heard they have a pork dish that is delicious...will look for better options in Trastevere if folks deem Spirito mediocre...

All comments are much appreciated! Thanks so much!