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Popcorn "Toppings"

bubbles4me | | Nov 17, 2008 01:38 PM

Okay I am under self imposed House Arrest, been working way too much and much in need of a day away/off so with the hubby out of town and the day off from work I am doing my MacGyver eating deal...making something out of the scraps in the kitchen...cannot bear the store. I found a box of TGIF potato skins a friend brought months ago in the freezer, whipped up a batch of sambal sour cream to plunk on top, took a little taste...super sour checked the date...sour cream expired! Tasted the "skins" on their own...not gonna work out between us. I have eggs, could go there but I found some popcorn...thought I would turn to the hounds and see what they adorn their popcorn with...kinda open to anything but tend to prefer savory snacks to what is your "pop secret"?