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Pop Up Restaurants

al b. darned | Aug 7, 2012 09:37 AM

On Bizarre Foods America last night, Andrew Zimmern put together a pop-up restaurant. I really enjoyed this episode, but it seemed like a helluva lot of work for a one-night stand.

Watching it also raised some questions for someone who doesn't live in The Big City.

Is this just an LA thing or other cities doing it?

During the conversation AZ mentioned another LA chef was planning his own pop-up a week later. AZ also noted the wait staff was going to be provided by someone whose business was to supply pop-ups.

How often do they "pop up?"

Is there a whole mini-industry set up to cater to these places? (Wait staff, kitchen staff, equipment rental, etc.)

I assume it is a single option dinner. (One ap, one main, one dessert, etc.)

Do they have one-night liquor licenses, or do they rent a place that has one?

I assume the word gets out via various social media to fill the seats.

Lastly, do they make money? I don't see how, but some of you who are or were in the business would know better than me. If not, why do they do it? I realize AZ's was a TV stunt, but what about the others?

Any/all insights are welcomed.

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