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poor mans sous vide


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poor mans sous vide

nothingclever77 | | Dec 21, 2013 12:08 PM

So ive always wanted a sous vide machine. But i dont have retarded amounts of money...solution for this = a $25.00. Hamilton beach slow cooker... and a good meat thermometer.. fill with water...put the lid the thermometer through the steam hole....a consistent 136 degrees.. bag off the meat and vacuum...done it several times now with lamb..thick thick ribeyes... 1-1.25 hours in the redneck sous vide...sear and serve... perfect results every time.. i know you dont have as much temp control this way..but in a pinch or just to have the satisfaction of trying it.. id say its quite nice..

also as a side note i get about 130-135 on the keep warm setting...