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PM Fennel Sausage pie


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PM Fennel Sausage pie

pizzafreak | | Mar 30, 2012 03:43 PM

A few weeks ago I went to PM and ordered my favorite, the Fennel Sausage pie. When it was brought to me, I noticed that the sausage resembled medium size meatballs, and did not seem to be cooked all the way through, something like medium rare. Nevertheless, I accepted it, took a bite, and my taste buds told me this was not the sausage pie I knew. I told my waiter who apologized and offered to make another, but I was too upset because my expectations had been shot down, and left. I did not get a bill. Today I went back and ordered it again. When it was served to me, all looked OK. One bite, and I was back in heaven. Glad to know my prior experience was an aberration. For those of you who are fans of PM, they are constructing their pies differently now than when PM opened for business. I always sit at the pizza bar so I can see what is going on. In the beginning, after the dough was stretched and put on the peel, EVOO was brushed on covering the center of the most of the pies leaving the end crust without oil, then salt was broadcast over the raw pie, and then whatever toppings applied to that pie were placed on. Now, EVOO is brushed on the end crust, leaving the center plain, and no salt is broadcast. I have no idea why they made the change, and I can’t taste any difference. Just thought I’d pass this along.

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