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Do you pick up the steak bone in a restaurant.


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Do you pick up the steak bone in a restaurant.

phantomdoc | Jul 30, 2009 08:24 AM

There was discussion about grilling steak in another thread. Chef of a fancy restaurant showed a "frenched" (highly trimmed) rib steak to show technique for grilling. This prep removes a portion of meat and fat from the bone. I love the meat closest to the bone. I like to pick up the bone and chew the meat off on a good steak such as rib or porterhouse. I have a friend who likes to chomp, but, will take the bone home to do it in private. What will the hound survey show? Are you fans of eating like a hound, even in an upscale restaurant? Am I just a low class slob when it comes to this.

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