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Perfection at 610 Magnolia


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Perfection at 610 Magnolia

Bayareafoodiei | | May 8, 2010 10:52 AM

Last Thursday had a fabulous experience at 610 Magnolia. First off the restaurant called us earlier in the day and asked if it would be possible to change our reservations to the following night, because we no one else would be dining with them this evening. Unfortunately we were not able to change our reservations because we were flying out early the next day. Instead of telling us sorry about your luck, they graciously advised they would open for just us, incredible customer service. When we arrived we were the only guests in the restaurant, what a beautiful space it was. After we were seated the chef/owner came over to our table to introduce himself to us. He asked if we wanted to pick something to eat, or if it would be okay if he cooked for us. We agreed to have him cook for us, he asked if we had any food allergies and then was off to the kitchen. All I can say is incredible, quite possibly one of if not the best meals we have ever ate. The chef made different entrees, salads, and desserts for both my boyfriend and I. The first and second courses were the same and we had an incredible cheese plate. My boyfriend opted for the wine pairing with his meal and was quite pleased with the selections. Mindy our server did an exceptional job taking care of us as well. It was an extremely incredible romantic evening that will not be forgotten.

610 Magnolia
610 W Magnolia Ave, Louisville, KY 40208