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I made a peach pie in Sacto


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I made a peach pie in Sacto

Roberto | | Aug 15, 2006 08:08 PM

Finally found some good peaches here. I made a 8" pie. Only adulterators were cinnamon, nutmeg, sugar and vanilla. No liqueurs, cream or any of that stuff. It was served with vanilla ice cream. Yhowser. How do you spell that? I filled the pie up with excessive amounts of peaches. After it cooked, about an hour, it came out a little high in the center. Just right. Made a lattice top. All butter crust. No lard on hand and the crisco (6 months to a year old) said toss me which I did. I took my time and kept everything cold. I made the lattice top rather heavy and it was crispy and wonderful. Real short. The bottom not so hot. I think I rolled it out too thin. Any good ideas for a good bottom pie pastery? All in all it seems like summer here in Sacto. BTW, 20 minutes at 425f, then 35 minutes at 350f.


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