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[PDX] Mexico Lindo Taco Truck (+pics)


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[PDX] Mexico Lindo Taco Truck (+pics)

SauceSupreme | | Mar 1, 2008 05:17 PM

I drove out to Beaverton today to run some errands and had a chance to grab a bite at one of the three taco trucks that occupy a spot there at Big Lots in Aloha just off the TV Hwy. At any taco joint I'm visiting for the first time, I always order a chorizo taco and (if they have it) a cabeza taco, just to see if the spices and textures are all in line. So I was thrilled at how good the tacos were here. Great flavor on the meat and tortilla. Throw in a mango soda and you got yourself a cheap lunch just under $4.

I love it when taco trucks are in close proximity to each other, because it means that it's an area that has enough volume to support them all, and that the competition for customers helps to push quality upward.

On the way back, it was great to see all the outdoor BBQs all chugging along for the weekend lunch crowd, whether at a rib shack or at an al pastor spit.


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