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Pasture Fed Cheese Sticks


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Pasture Fed Cheese Sticks

taste test | | Jan 20, 2008 10:51 AM

Of course it's the cows that are pasture fed but I guess they had to come up with a catchy descriptive name.

I just found these Sargento "limited edition" pasture fed cheddar sticks in my local Shop Rite. They're delicious but I hope they're the real deal and not just some marketing ploy (like they feed the cows grain while they're in the pasture).

I'm excited that the "grass fed" idea is getting into the mainstream. Sometimes I drive over an hour to get expensive local grass fed meats (in NJ). It's great but I wish there were cheaper, closer options.

Is anyone else finding interesting pasture fed meat and dairy options? If so, what and where?

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