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Part-cooked bbq brisket


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Part-cooked bbq brisket

gooler | | Jul 2, 2013 05:28 AM

Yesterday I slow-cooked an 11lb brisket on my Weber kettle. I had to go out for a while during the day and had to relight the coals when I got back. It's a delicate balance on the Weber restricting the air using the bottom vents to keep the temp low without the charcoal going out entirely.

Anyway all-in the brisket maybe had about 6hrs in the Weber at a temp of around 250-300F, plus a little longer at lower temps. I used soaked hickory for the smoke. The internal temp of the meat never got higher than 150F, and when the coals went out the met cooled for a while too.

It's been in the fridge overnight. I've now put it in a giant Tupperware and am taking it to the cottage where I intend to slowly reheat, cook a little more, and serve.

With all the variations in temp I'm seriously worried how this will turn out. My only comfort is that I never pushed the temp up too high.

When I reheat should I take the IT right up to 200C? Or with all the time it has already had will it be dried out by then?

Help! Any suggestions appreciated!


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