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Help with pan-seared fish


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Help with pan-seared fish

CindyJ | Mar 14, 2007 02:05 PM

For reasons I may never understand, unless I make fish on the grill, it's always a disaster. I've just about given up even trying to cook fish at home. Last night I was once again tempted, and I found what looked like a tasty recipe for pan-seared salmon in a shallot/wine/cream sauce.

The result...? Well, the salmon stuck to the pan (All-Clad saute pan), so, before proceeding with the sauce I removed the larger "chunks" of stuck-on fish and skin from the bottom of the pan and continued from there. First I added a tablespoon of butter, sauteed some shallots, deglazed what was left in the pan with white wine, added 1/4 cup of cream, cooked it down for a few minutes, adjusted the seasoning and served it. It tasted good, but the fish didn't look so lovely.

My first question is -- what am I doing wrong? The fish always sticks to the pan. I'm pretty sure the pan is hot enough before I put the fish in. And I don't think the solution is to use a non-stick pan if I want those "brown bits" incorporated into the sauce.

My next question is -- is there a "generic" pan saucing recipe that will work well with most pan-seared fish? The sauce I made last night was good, but a bit rich, as you might imagine.

I'm usually not so perplexed when it comes to cooking, but fish throws me for a loop every time.

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