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Pairing for an all chocolate dinner


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Pairing for an all chocolate dinner

vanillagorilla | Oct 8, 2007 04:27 PM

I'm trying to design an entire dinner based around chocolate. I plan on doing five courses, but since it is just me an my wife, 3 bottles of wine is probably about all I want to drink, so I need to do double duty with some of the wines. I could probably do 4 bottles if I can't make more than one do double duty.

The first course is definitely going to be white chocolate with caviar. I figure a champagne or sparkler will go well here.

I plan on doing some sort of salad for the second course. Maybe beets and blood orange with a champagne vinaigrette and shaved dark chocolate. Do you think the champagne could stand up to this? I'm also considering a roasted cauliflower with chocolate jelly here. I don't know if that would be a better match to the wine or not.

Next I'm doing a hanger steak with a chocolate/soy/onion/Szechuan peppercorn gravy. This just screams syrah to me. Any other thoughts?

Finally I'm doing a dessert and a cheese course. The dessert is going to be a vanilla caramel corn with cocoa nibs. The cheese course is going to be a gorgonzola ganache truffle rolled in blue cheese powder. I'm thinking a BA riesling or a Sauternes here.

Any thoughts or comments? Where i'm really lost is the 2nd course. I think the salad would work with the champagne, but unsure of the cauliflower. Would that go better with the syrah?

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