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Ottawa Chinese Food???

Yamchargers | | Apr 6, 2011 07:44 AM

Can we get some discussion going on Ottawa Chinese food?

I would love some recommendations. Yesterday I tried Golden Palace and everything but the price was great. But the price considering the size of the dishes was CRAZY. I wanted the Lemon chicken but there is just no way I can pay $20 for chicken so I tried the sweet and sour chicken balls for $15. It was okay. I really like the all white meat because I have noted alot of places around here are mall quality various chicken parts which always turns me off. The egg rolls did not disappoint. I have never seen that style (open ended) in BC and i thought they were tasty.

The Royal Treasure Somerset was also good as they had Szechuan the way I like it (red). Didnt try anything else there but I probably should.

So what are peoples value Chinese food picks? And not just places but dishes. Please tell me why you like it! Thanks!

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