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Oil in pasta water yes or no?


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Oil in pasta water yes or no?

Puffin3 | Jan 4, 2014 04:15 AM

The other day I once again saw GR put oil on top of the boiling pasta water.
What's with him?
Oil will coat the pasta and not allow the sauce to be absorbed into the pasta........which is the point of adding a bit of sauce.....to enhance the pasta flavor.
If he did that in any Italian restaurant I'm guessing he'd be fired.
I'm waiting for him to watch some poor cooking competition competitor to make pasta and not add any oil. LOL
What's Ramsey going to do? Scream his head off?
Is it a 'British' thing? I've seen him do this a few times and each time a voice in my head says: "This is why the English/Irish/Scottish have such a poor reputation for cooking crappy food".

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