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Monticello in Red Bank?


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Monticello in Red Bank?

JerZ Wine Geek | | Dec 11, 2011 07:20 AM

I'm going to see the Jim Gaffigan show over at the Count Basie next Saturday evening with my wife and another couple, and we're looking to go out to dinner before the show. Unfortunately the other couple are not one's to "splurge" on dinner, so they asked that I keep the restaurant "reasonable"...

Notice the quotes.

I'm pretty familiar with a vast majority of the restaurants in the declining (IMHO) Red Bank restaurant scene, but I've never dined at, nor heard anything about, Monticello. I'm not typically one to dine at an Italian BYO, but considering the other couple wants to keep the cost down it seems like this might be a good bet. The menu listed online seems decent and the prices are in line with the other couple's budget.

I was very surprised to see that there's not a single mention of the restaurant on this board or the Mid-Atlantic board. So does anyone have any input? It would be greatly appreciated!

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