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Montara Cafe & Bakery

CarrieWas218 | | Oct 4, 2013 10:39 AM

With a bright red exterior, inviting and warm interior seating, and definitely off the main drag of Highway 1, Montara Cafe & Bakery (1400 Main Street, Montara) opened three days ago and will quietly be embraced by the coastside community and a go-to place for a breakfast...

I hit it this morning for a coffee and was pleasantly surprised to learn they are baking fresh pastries and croissants every morning. I tried the classic cheese danish which I found nicely crunchy and rich with pastry cream.

What will bring me back is the diverse menu; Icelandic Pönnukökur (crepes with jam, butter, and honey whipped cream), Chilaquilles and Huevos Rancheros, Balinese bacon-fried rice with eggs (served with spicy sambal sauce), or Hawaiian "Loco Moco" which reads as 2 eggs with grass-fed beef patty, mushroom gravy, sauteed onions, and mushrooms. There is also scrambles of various ilk, breakfast burritos, eggs benedict, macadamia nut pancakes, bagels, and more.

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