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Modus, San Diego (report)


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Modus, San Diego (report)

Josh | | Sep 16, 2006 04:51 AM

After having heard a variety of things about this place, finally made it down tonight with my SO and another couple. While I don't have time to elaborate as much as I'd like, in a word: GO.

We had a flawless dining experience, start-to-finish, that brought back a hint of the old Belgian Lion vibe. While the place is much hipper in terms of decor and presentation, they are like the Lion in that they don't rush you through your meal, and leave you to talk to your companions.

There is a menu of specialty cocktails, all featuring fresh fruit juices. I had one called "Coulda Woulda Shoulda", made with sake, grapefruit juice, and champagne. My buddy had one made with fresh ginger and sake that was really good.

Entrees were great. I had steak frites, which was done precisely as I'd asked and dressed with garlic butter. Other plates at our table included the roast pork with potatoes and candied apples, rack of lamb, and duck confit with fresh figs.

Michele Coulon's desserts were also stellar.

Modus has legs, and should become very popular. Easily one of the top dining experiences I've had in San Diego.

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