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Steph P | | Aug 27, 2001 01:44 PM

Much better than Todai's. I know that isn't saying
much since the bar is set so low, however, this
is a pretty good deal if you'd like to try a variety
of good quality sushi for a flat rate of $20. Three
of us arrived at the restaurant and were seated at
the sushi bar and given a checklist of sushi (maybe
40-odd choices) and you could write how many of
each you wanted.

Things I recommend are the broiled mackerel cheek
accompanied by mirin, agedashi tofu, the yakitori
was ok, and the scallop sushi was wonderful. I think
the checklist is missing a few sashimi items,
however, you'll be too full from the sushi to really
miss it.

For a visit, frankly, it pays to come in numbers.
One, you WILL order more than you can eat. Second,
you can try a greater variety of things if you
divide up what you get. Towards the end, we'd bargain:
if you eat that unagi, then I'll eat that avocado
roll. Then we got more desperate: the laying of
guilt trips, the standoff, the begging. For the
last few pieces, one of my friends pulled out another stomach and took one for the team.