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Mind if I brag a bit?


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Mind if I brag a bit?

MamaCrunch | | Aug 5, 2011 11:03 AM

It appears my 21 month old is on his way to being an awesome hound!

Last night we went out for Mexican. Love the resto, but their salsa is very inconsistent heat wise. My friend, who loves heat, said last night's was a bit much for her. My son, on the other hand, took a monstrous spoonful and crammed it into his mouth!

We were both expecting screams, lots of crying, maybe worse. Instead he just sat there. His cheeks turned bright red and heat tears streamed down his face. I offered a sip of water and he took a drop. Total trooper.

I asked if it was good and he said "Yeah!" and took a second helping.

What a great lil' pup!

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