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Miguels - Baltimore - Silo Point

a70wilson | | Feb 5, 2010 11:57 AM

After being turned away from Sullivan's which closed at 1:00 this afternoon (Friday 2/5/2010 pre-storm-of-the-century) when there was a not a speck of snow that had stuck to the ground yet, we made our way over to Miguels' in Silo Point. We had a tasty lunch with nice sized portions, great spice and yummy drinks. I didn't realize it has only been open about 3 weeks? Beautiful space - a bit on the loud side, but I thought this might be good for next time we go when we might have our 20 mo. old.

I had the an order of scrumptious taquitos - there were four of them - Hongos Roasted mushrooms, cactus, epazote, asadero cheese w/ tomatillo sauce for $5.00. An amazing bargain. If I had known there were going to be four, I might not have also gotten a quesadilla, but I did. The Oaxaca Huitlacoche, corn, mushroom and asadero cheese ones. Also only $5.00. Nice earthy mushroom flavor.

The fellow had some brisket tacos - 3 in each order and an order of beef and pork empanada's with a mole sauce that he practically licked off the plate.

The sangria was more juicy than liquor-y, but I like it this way. He had a special margarita with jalapeno - should have asked the price - it was $8.50 - cheaper than some places in town, but a bit more than we like to pay.

We had a cinnamon cake dessert thing that wasn't overly sweet, which was perfect. It came with sipping chocolate, had chocolate frosting and there was some sort of cinnamon custard on the side.

I would love to see this place do well, but it's not easy to find. Check out the website for directions - It is on the first floor of the big Silo Point complex. We entered in the main drive, but had to drive around to the back.