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Mignon, nice experience


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Mignon, nice experience

Brendan T | | Sep 28, 2000 02:49 PM

Taking the tip from past posts about Mignon, I figured it was worth a shot. It was. What stands out most was my entree and the quality of the service.
First the service - their credit card machine was broken, so about half-way through our meal, our waiter let us know and he said that an IOU would be fine if we didn't have enough cash. While we did not take him up on his offer, I don't think you could find that intimacy or trust in too many places. The service could have been more prompt, but our waiter was friendly, casual, and definately steered me in the right direction entree-wise.
He recommended (over the skate) the pork tenderloin. It was really delicious - sauteed with I'm not sure what (red-wine and vinegar reduction?) with prunes, grapes (with strong vinegar flavor) and roasted pear (again with some vinegar and brown sugar). The whole dish was an exciting combination of sweet and sour flavors that complimented the meat very well. Served with perfect al dente white beans.
Appetizer was pretty good - smoked salmon with goat cheese -- presented very well, but nothing was outstanding about the flavors.
My companion had Seafood bisque which was quite good and the salmon. What I tasted of it was very good. About as moist as you could imagine - very fresh tasting with great vegetables. Uncomplicated but good.
I wish the wine list were a little bit more extensive (I think there were only 4 or 5 red wines to choose from).
I'll definately be back.

-Brendan T.