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Mighty Leaf Teabags - Mighty Fine


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Mighty Leaf Teabags - Mighty Fine

omotosando | Feb 27, 2008 09:29 PM

I rarely use teabags, since I don't find brewing loose leaf tea to be all that difficult. But sometimes, like when you are on an airplane, brewing loose leaf tea is just not realistic.

With great skepticism, I picked up some Mighty Leaf teabags this weekend - Marrakesh Mint Green Tea and Bombay Chai. I honestly expected them to be awful like every other bagged tea I have ever tasted. I was proven wrong. This was the best bagged tea I have ever tried.
I may just start bringing these to all the alleged four-star restaurants who still think it is acceptable to serve teabags - at least my teabags will be better than their teabags. (And maybe it will embarrass them into improving their tea service).

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