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McCormick & Schmick at the Domain


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McCormick & Schmick at the Domain

rusty_s | | Oct 24, 2007 01:12 PM

I know that the Domain chains don't get much love here, but this weekend we went for a special occasion dinner at McCormick & Schmick and really enjoyed it. We started out with cocktails, which were fairly poured (not too weak or strong, which is what I expect from a place for grown-ups). Then we had the pan-fried oysters. Some of the oysters were overly breaded, so I probably won't get this one again. But they were good enough.
For dinner, my husband and I divided our meals, having half of a ribeye steak and the parmesan-crusted flounder. Both were cooked perfectly. The ribeye had a mushroom sauce that enhanced the flavor of the meat but added only a little flavor of its own. The large piece of flounder (my personal favorite fish) was slightly crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and coated in a light lemony sauce. I loved the main dishes. Both came with sides that were meh. The mashed potatoes had too much pepper. The asparagus and green beans were good--but I can cook those two things well myself, so I just take it for granted that either veggie will be cooked right.
Service was wonderful--I didn't notice it at all. The waiter was there when we wanted him and absent when we didn't, and seemed knowledgable about their menu.
Drinks and dinner were around $100. It was worth it, and we'll be back at some point, hopefully with more people so we can sit in one of the neat booths with the curtains.

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