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Master Chef July 7


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Master Chef July 7

madeliner | | Jul 7, 2014 09:49 PM

What a bunch of silliness

Most of all the entire spring roll thing was wrong on so many levels
They obviously wanted an egg roll - not a spring roll

I am surprised at the judges, I think Graham (?) actually said they wanted something a few levels above a takeout eggroll

Look at any decent Chinese cookbook and there are no recipes for a "takeout" eggroll

Dan said he knew how to do wontons and dumplings-I am not surprised,they are well known Chinese dim sum treats

Also when I have seen and eaten a spring roll, they are no way like the rolls I saw on the show, a spring roll is a delicate fairly transparent skinned snack and they have no "bubbles"

"Dan you should be in your element (or some such comment)" stereotype much?

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