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Marzipan stollen


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Marzipan stollen

tweetie | | Dec 1, 2011 09:16 AM

Does anyone have a source? Was gifted one last Christmas and was blown away (still trying to find out where it came from). In the meantime I'm exploring other options. Got a fairly bad one at Aldi which I thought could be promising being made in Germany. Although it was loaded with fruit, it had a very artificial, chemically flavor and very little marzipan. Neglected to notice the claim of "10% marzipan" on the package. Have a feeling it was to stollen what Wonder is to bread. Also believe it may be the same as the one at Trader Joe's as they are part of the same parent co. Picked up a box of chocolate covered peppermint sandwich cookies at Aldi too, a bit below TJ's pricepoint and suspiciously similar to Joe's. hmmmm

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