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kbfood | | Nov 4, 2007 05:44 AM

We went to Market last night for the first time and were very pleased with the experience. It is very pretty, the tables are spaced nicely and it seems as though they have done a lot for the acoustics, so even though it was packed, the noise level was fine. The other thing we noted was that the lighting was at a level so that you could actually see your food...I hate places that turn the lights down so low you can't see the person across from you, let alone what is on your plate!
The menu had about 10 apps, 10 entrees, only one special, but that is to be expected in a 3 week old restaurant. As we were deciding what to order we saw other plates coming out of the kitchen and everything looked great. We were happy to see that the portion sizes were not overly huge like at Match. The presentations were much more refined but still playful.
For apps, we had the "school of tuna" which was a large square plate with 4 small square plates on top, each with a 2 bite presentation of tuna, all different and all delicious. There was a block of tuna with a sprinkle of sea salt and olive oil, a wonton crisp with sesame oil scented tuna tartare, a small risotto ball with a slice of tuna draped over it and a thin wafer with seared tuna, salsa and a little guac. The tartare was my favorite. We also had the calarmari and polpo, a square plate with fried calamari on one side and braised octopus on the other. They each had different sauces drizzled over them and the lightness of the fried calamari was incredible. Our last app was the "fish and chips", 3 tempura sea scallops with some frizzled veggies...also very tasty.
For our entrees we had the swordfish with tapenade and fregula in a puttanesca type broth, the slow and low chicken with mashed potatoes (this was our least favorite...tasty but nothing special) and the peking duck with "fried rice" risotto. The duck came already wrapped in the pancake with hoisin to dip in and the risotto was served in a little bowl. I have to say that the risotto was the best thing all tasted like fried rice...but had the texture of risotto. It was chock full of bok choy, shiitakes, egg, scallion, etc. Yum.
For dessert we had the mini ice cream cones which were very cute and tasty, about 6 different kinds of ice cream and sorbet with different sprinkles. We also had the brownie sundae which was covered with a delicious cherry sauce. It was nice that none of the desserts had to be preordered like at Match.
The place was packed, they were turning people away at the door. It had a very nice vibe, relaxed but much more refined than Match. We will definitely be going back, but will also keep going to Match! Looking forward to hearing others experiences.

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