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Mango Shiva update (w/ pics) - Calgary


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Mango Shiva update (w/ pics) - Calgary

John Manzo | | Jul 4, 2008 03:59 PM

Well I took in the throngs after the Stampede parade, on Stephen Ave, and noted that the hoarding is off Mango Shiva (sort of across the street from Murrietta's) - as most already know, this space used to be a Dairy Queen. Outside was the very nice and ambitious owner, Kam Dhillon (you can see him in the first pic, and yes he's just as cute in person); he let me squeeze past the costruction materials and come inside, and wow, it's SPACIOUS; you never, ever would have expected this much space in the old DQ. Kitchen will be in back with a huge communal table in front, bar to the left as you can see; flooring is about half down and the whole operation looks a few weeks from opening. Kam foresees a more traditional turn for this iteration of Mango Shiva but with more of a "nightclub" vibe. By "traditional," he means not the focus on "small plates" that was (I guess since I had only eaten there when it was still Shehnai) a theme at the old M.S. Kam and I also had a nice convo about how the challenge now is not to load a plate with $40 worth of pheasant, morels and foie gras but to get a really good plate for $20, and he's trying to achieve that sort of price point for what he hopes is a diverse (in every sense) clientele.

I'm looking forward to this.

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