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Mamlouk in the East Village


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Mamlouk in the East Village

Michael W | | Dec 20, 2000 02:46 PM

Enjoyed a good dinner at Mamlouk on East 4th Street (between A and B - I think). This place itself, which I believe is Lebanese and owned by the Moustache and Moustache East people, was a bit awkward however. There was practically no really good seat in the house. Either you were sitting too close to the door, too close to the bathroom or right in front of the counter/open kitchen. The service also left something to be desired. Although our waiter was pleasant, he failed to inform us that the menu was a pre-fixe ($30) and not only that, but it was THEIR pre-fixe. No menus, no choice - he just starting serving us food.
Fortunately, most of the courses were good. Standouts included lamb kebab balls, stewed vegetables and stuffed fish with nuts. The hummous/babaganoush, etc... appetizer would have been better with warm bread or simply better pita bread.
In all, this was a decent fake of Mombar in Astoria with pleasant food and none of Mombar's standout decor or standout flavors, for that matter.