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Lubeck trip report: Sep 21-25, 2013


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Lubeck trip report: Sep 21-25, 2013

currycue | Oct 3, 2013 08:07 AM

Spent 4 days in Lubeck a few weeks ago and, frankly, didn't enjoy the city like I had hoped. Had some decent meals while there, but was very put off by the irritable, scowling residents and the fact that the town seemed to essentially shut down every night at 9pm.

Best meal of our visit was at the Schiffergesellschaft. It's been noted online that it can be rather touristy, but I had no issue with our meal there. I had a great mussel soup as a starter followed by the Kapitaensschlussel - a bowl with 3 kinds of meats in a ratatouille sauce served alongside roasted potatoes with bacon. A wonderful Jever lager radler (lemonade shandy) and a hearty dessert of strudel with marzipan.

I'm generally not a huge fan of marzipan, but as it is a specialty of Lubeck, I did have it on more than one occasion, and I have to say it is of a superior quality for sure. The local marzipan, as I found it, was just simple ground almonds and sugar, without that perfumy sweet almond essence that you often find added to it elsewhere.

We also aet at the Kartoffelkellar, but found our meal not so great. As the name suggested, the menu was very heavily potato based and was a bit too much IMO. We left back most of our main courses. Also had plaice with potato salad at the Fischhutte, but it was a very simple meal, not much to write about, it was just basically pan fried and salted and the potato salad was a little bland.

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