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Dinsdale45 | | Jul 18, 2012 12:56 PM

I was riding around the Lowell/Dracut area looking for new restaurants. I found an interesting authentic looking Latin place on Bridge St. called Delicias Paisas. They call themselves a bakery, but serve regular food.

Spotted Pete's BBQ Pit in Dracut.

Another little Iraqi place

"Foody Goody", a pan-Asian place that offers a freshly made sushi buffet

There was another Chinese fast food place in Dracut called "#1 Taste House" featuring "Authentic Hunan Cuisine", but the people running it barely spoke English and when I asked them to point out the "authentic" dishes they just pointed to the 3-4 things on the menu that said "Hunan"

Since I lost my job a while ago I can't try out all these places right now (trying to economize), but I'm hoping some of you adventurous area 'hounds can check them out and report back.

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