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Losing foie gras virginity in Paris


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Losing foie gras virginity in Paris

emmyeats | | Mar 28, 2007 09:25 PM

Hope now I've got your attention...

I'm a fairly recent addition to the foodie world. That, coupled with my rearing in suburban Ohio and schooling in rural Central New York, has left few opportunities to try foie gras until my recent move to Boston. But, knowing I was headed to Paris this April, I thought I would hold out and experience foie gras for the first time in its most quintessential location. Now, I just need to know where in Paris to lose this (what I perceive to be) monumental foodie virginity. I don't really have any requirements as far as preparation...advice on that would be appreciated as well. Just looking for a rec for a restaurant serving delicious foie gras that's reasonably priced (I am a recent college grad, after all, so on a bit of a budget).

(I apologize if this is a difficult topic...perhaps all foie gras in Paris/the world? is delicious, but I would love to hear if any one restaurant pops into your mind when you hear the words 'foie gras.')


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