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London Trip Report

vinouspleasure | | Sep 23, 2007 02:07 PM

I'm happy to report that the food in London has improved 100% since my last visit 7 years ago. The Indian food is already better than we have in NYC. If the food in general improves another 100% and prices (or exchange rates) fall about 30%, it could rival NYC...perhaps thats not fair...maybe the top restaurants would have to improve 50% but the shear breadth of great NYC restaurants and ethnic food is hard to match. I did taste something that was pretty close to a croissant (and something that looked like a bagel...but hey, thats pretty common outside of ny/nj) Had very, very good fish and chips in a's something that I don't understand, London is fairly close to brussels...and paris, two of the great french fry cities of the world and they still serve these hard, tasteless fries.

The wine lists I saw were better priced and more interesting than most NYC restaurants. We did eat at a top Indian restaurant ($104/pp prix fixe, thank god it was expensed) and the wine list, while interesting, was a poor match for the fare. And I noticed that the beer is now odd...when did that happen?

Ate in a gastro goodness, what is the big deal? The food was delicous but hasn't the rest of the world been doing this forever?

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