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fusilli | | Apr 2, 2001 09:24 AM

just came back from a 3 week trip to all these places.
i mayt eventually get around to writing what i found-after the jet lag from that 20 hour flight home wears off.

but 1st....

i ate at india club....jesus, it was like a communist party meeting hall!!! the old lady on the other floor with warm beer and cokes in the basement rec room style bar was a trip! cumin colored walls! thanks for the tip. the food was tasty and cheap.

as for italian,...only had time to try zafferano. i didnt like the place much, too damned stiff. the food was mostly pretty good, with one major failure of some weird eggplant thing, and i remember the pappardelle being overcooked. I will admit, the chocolate souffle was very good. But there are places in NY for far less money that are better. It was damned pricey for a joint that did not get everything right.

oh...and sydney is a little bizarre...scones are on the menu in a bunch of cafes, and in all the ones i saw, the serve the damned things with whipped cream!! and no one had any clue that they got this one wrong! it was hilarious

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