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Lomo al Trapo

amazinc | Nov 29, 2009 09:01 AM

An episode of Primal Grill showed Raichlen wrapping a piece of salted and herbed beef tenderloin in a cotton cloth and laying it on red hot coals. He said to cook it for 8-9 mins.
on one side, then turn for another 8 or so. Has anyone tried this method. It looked super
delicious and fairly simple, but I'd hate to waste the $$ for a tenderloin only to ruin it. Do any of you "hounds have a report on doing this? I know most of us will try ANYTHING once, but as I said, before I drop $100+, I'd like some more info. I can't find much on line in English
altho' I did see one recipe from Three Guys in Miami, but it was much more complicated
than Raichlen's. Anyone know anything?

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