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Lewisburg/nearby -- Looking for various things


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Lewisburg/nearby -- Looking for various things

leberquesgue | | Aug 9, 2008 09:57 AM

I recently moved to Lewisburg, PA. My main need is good groceries (Weis is useful, but pretty sad for fresh foods). I am willing to drive within reason (Sunbury, Selinsgrove Williamsport? I'm still learning the geography). Below are some specifics I am looking for, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Produce -- Susquehanna Valley Growers' Market in Lewisburg is o.k but way too small and limited. I have noticed various farm stands out in the countryside; are any recommended? Anywhere else?

Seafood -- maybe hard this far inland, but the tuna steaks at Weis looked so bad they turned my stomach (to be fair, they were gone the next day).

Meat -- looking for ethically raised meats, especially lamb. The Growers' Market seems reasonably good for pig products, and I got a lovely little 1 kilo duck there for $10.

Coffee -- the coffee shops I have tried have been awful! What gives?

Ethnic restaurants -- particularly Chinese (not too American), Thai, but anything interesting would be good. It looks like I will be able to try every option in Lewisburg pretty quickly, but suggestions further afield would be great.

Thanks for reading!