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Le Petit Dejeuner dinner: Great value, outstanding service, very good food !


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Restaurants & Bars Ontario (inc. Toronto) Dinner

Le Petit Dejeuner dinner: Great value, outstanding service, very good food !

Bigtigger | | Nov 9, 2006 04:32 AM

We had dinner tonight at LPD, a first visit for both me and my friend. We were delighted !

The eclectic diner-cum-bistro decor was fine, lighting slightly dimmed for the evening meal. We were greeted with a warm welcome from the extremely friendly, highly organized and attentive waitress who immediately moved our reserved seating to a slightly more private area, and simultaneously, without demur, accepted the bottle of wine I had brought, LPD being a BYOW establishment. Menus were placed before us, and a blackboard containing the daily table d'hote specials was equally promptly brought to sit on the banquette beside my friend. Wineglasses also appeared: our wine was poured and glasses kept topped up in a way far grander establishments too often fail to do !

Appetizers came within 10 minutes or so: we switched plates half-way through, and agreed the Caesar Salad was pleasant but undistinguished, lacking that garlicky and/or anchovyesque bite that the classic preparation should achieve. The unusual offering of cheese croquettes we enjoyed, though they needed to be served hotter - I suspect they had been fried from a frozen or chilled state, and the crisp coating had reached its ideal state before the contents had found a chance to be sufficiently warmed.

Mains were outstanding: my friend not only received a huge bowlful of mussels in a spicy tomato broth, which he pronounced delicious, but also a large platter containing a generous bowl of home made french fries, a dish of mayonnaise and a bowl of veg-fruit slaw.

My steak frites consisted of a sliced sirloin, sauteed rare as requested, a bit chewy as one would expect, but of good meaty taste, and covered with an absolutely superb onion-cream gravy - TO DIE FOR with the fries accompanying.

The waffles offered for dessert looked great; but we were feeling full, so opted instead for a chai creme brulee (first-rate) and a chocolate pudding with whipped cream - very home-made tasting, solid, unexciting but flavourful. Coffee and capp were fine.

Interesting side bar illustrative of this place's ethos: the waitress accidentally cracked a wine glass at the table adjacent to ours, spilling some glass into one dish she had just served. Of course the mess was cleaned up and the dish replaced - but come dessert, the waitress offered them whatever they wanted on the house.

The bill for a really great evening totaled all of $90 ! (including $15 corkage for our wine) We will be back, and recommend it enthusiastically for an unpretentious, fun dinner featuring an eclectic menu, cheerful service and very good food.