Latke pointers


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Latke pointers

CloggieGirl | Dec 11, 2009 08:39 AM

I'm helping a severely cooking-impaired (if you can't microwave it, toast it, or pour milk over it, no dice) with a channkah/ channukat ha bayit party next week and was looking for some pointers. I grew up with sufganiyot and rosti (a swiss and german thing which is like a latke the size of a frying pan that is cut into pieces like a pie) so I'm wondering what the american consensus is on latkes: how thick should they be? how crispy? crispy all the way trhough or soft in the middle? is adding cheese to the mix a recipe for disaster?

Any other tips for making them is also appreciated. I know to soak the potato bits in cold water, drain and dry well before frying but I'm guessing on the rest.

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