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L'Artusi Comparisons?


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L'Artusi Comparisons?

dietndesire | | Jul 21, 2009 08:36 AM

First off, has the quality suffered since the Dell'anima team expanded? I am only concerned with the food.
I doubt most regulars would know or admit that but I will try. There is quite the fascination
with these locales and I would not put so much faith in the verdict of their typical clientele but maybe someone has some truth to be told.
Otherwise, comps to the other usual suspects, better/worse or very close. If you are a Batali hater, please acknowledge. Not to say there are no faults, there certainly are and some are major but I am only interested in food quality. I do not need heed the words of people who say Babbo is the worst ever because they do not like loud music or calling 30 days in advance or whatever it might be and not admit that is their problem. This goes for any other place, as well, Batali or not(he is merely the most obvious example). If you cannot separate the quality/execution of the food from everything else, take a pass.
Though I have not been to EVERY Italian restaurant in town(why bother?), their use in comparison is fine. I will sort through it as best I can.
Even more specifically to compare pasta v pasta, secondi v secondi, etc would be great.
Finally, portion size.
Thank you