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Korean Dish--Hot Kook Soo


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Korean Dish--Hot Kook Soo

mke2lax | | Feb 12, 2007 07:57 PM

When I lived on Maui, I ate many times at a small Korean place, Kalbi House, I think it was. I loved mostly everything on the menu. The ladies that ran it were super nice and the food was fresh and tasty. One of my favorite things was a soup called Hot Kook Soo. It was a clear, garlicky chicken broth, with some angel hair noodles. Maybe there were pieces of chicken in there, I don't remember any veggies except scallion garnish.
Is this a dish that is usually offered in Korean restaurants? I seem to only find the tofu soup in the hot pot. Sometimes Hawaii had these weird hybrid ethnic dishes that no one ever heard of outside that area, maybe this is one of those. Any info? I live in a pretty Korean populated area so this should be easy to find if it is a real dish.

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