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laraffinee | | Dec 13, 2012 03:19 PM

I have been upgrading my cookware, bakeware and utensils these past two years, and am happy with the choices and results, and now am looking at the knives that I have used these past 20 years and am wondering if I should continue with these, or add others. I have a good collection of Wusthof Trident and some Henckels Professional "S" knives and others. I learned my knife skills from my mom who did prep work for a local restaurant and was a fantastic cook. I can safely say I know basic knife skills. I learned sharpening from my dad, who did most of the knife sharpening, although, many a time, my mom would stop cooking and sharpened a knife before continuing.

If any of you have taken a knife skills class, what did you learn that you didn't know before? I am near the L'Acadamie de Cuisine in MD and they have classes for professional and recreational training. I have never used Japanese knives and do not know Japanese knife skills. I am a vegetarian, so boning and carving skills are not of interest to me. What does having really good, advanced knife skills mean and what are some examples of such skills?

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