Kitchen counter tops question?


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Kitchen counter tops question?

InRosiesKitchen | | May 15, 2013 12:38 PM

I know there have been many a discussion about counter tops and I ask for your input on one more:

We're re-modelling the kitchen to have a "baker's corner" for me with stainless steel counter tops.

For the remainder of the kitchen I am wanting another material for the counter tops. Please see the criteria for consideration below. Would love your input and comments:

- avid cook/baker and though I'll have a baker's corner would like a counter that can stand up to all the wear and tear of a well-used kitchen

- I use a lot food stuffs that stain (curries, berries, red wine)

- Low maintenance required!

- Would ideally like white (will have white subway tile backsplash and dark wood cabinets and re-claimed wood floor)

Thoughts? Am leaning towards Corian counter top...