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Where is my King Arthur flour??


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Where is my King Arthur flour??

adamshoe | Apr 5, 2009 06:59 PM

No, I'm not asking you to help me look for it in my cupboards... I tried to post this before, but it got moved to "chains" for whatever reason. Anyway, TJ's has stopped selling King Arthur flour in favor of their "own" brand. Wahh!! The clerk was kind enough to tell to me that it is NOT sourced from the KA peeps. It always sold really well here in Oakland, CA and was often featured up front with those "last minute necessities". Is this true of ALL TJ's, or just out here? Safeway sometimes has it, but it's like $6.00 for 5 lbs.!! I don't wanna go back to Gold Medal or Pillsbury's Best. Shall we all organize a peaceful demonstration? Kumbaya anyone?... adam

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