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Kickass recipes for a ski vacation?


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Kickass recipes for a ski vacation?

Alamundo | | Nov 4, 2011 02:35 PM

I ski with 12 buddies each winter, and since I'm the guy who can cook, I'm in charge of the big dinner.

On this trip, I'll only have a basic supermarket with mediocre winter produce and maybe 2 hours total from taking my skis off to serving dinner.

I'm looking for recipe ideas that:

- Fit into a 2-hour window for prepping and cooking
- are easy to shop for at the crappy supermarket near the ski resort
- are dude-friendly (we get pretty hungry)
- don't require fancy kitchenware (because we rent typical ski houses, the equipment is really limited).
- have the potential to impress. These guys know good food.

I'll pack a few good knives and I can smuggle some spices or small ingredients in checked luggage. I'm fast with prep and can manage most basic techniques.

Can anyone suggest some good recipes for me??