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Kaz An Nou in Prospect Heights


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Kaz An Nou in Prospect Heights

douglas525 | | Jul 25, 2010 08:02 AM

This is a very interesting, cozy restaurant in the upper west corner of Prospect Heights, which accurately describes its cuisine as French/Caribbean. For appetizers, we ordered the escargots, the pheasant pate, and the mushroom stuffed avocado. The escargots were served in a butter and curry sauce (what could blend French and Caribbean more?) and were plump and juicy. The pate came hot in a puffed pastry. I've never had it this way, and I enjoyed the new experience. I don't like avocados, but I enjoyed the cheese on top, and my wife enjoyed all of it. For entrees my wife ordered the duck confit in a mango jerk sauce (again, French and Caribbean), and I ordered the smoked chicken with goat cheese and a honey sauce. The duck was extremely rich, and the chicken was most certainly smoked. The honey sauce turned out to be creamy, but the flavors were interesting. We both enjoyed the rice topped with sauteed onions and asparagus, with just enough coconut to taste but not so much to be overwhelming. For dessert, which our waiter brought for free because he mixed up my entree order, we had the spicy chocolate cupcake with the coconut cream topping. This was perhaps the most remarkable dish of the meal. The cake was moist and rich while at the same time light and airy--I really bamboozled by the physics. The spice and coconut were understated, so they added flavor without overpowering a delicious dessert. In the end, we had eaten six separate dishes we had never had before, and were happy with all of them.

Some might find the dishes too earthy and heavy for the current heat wave. But we were told the restaurant has only been open five months, and they are working on a fall and winter menu as well. I'd rate the food a straight four out of five stars, but the uniqueness of the cuisine the dining experience even higher. We ate before the dinner rush, and the waiter was very personable. Throw in the fact that including tax and tip, we escaped with three appetizers, two entrees (and a free dessert) for under $65, and we really hope this restaurant makes it.

Kaz An Nou
53 6th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217