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Kanomwan - Telephone Thai

gobble | | Jun 6, 2010 02:09 PM

Unfortunately the owner, "Yut", has passed away. We went there Saturday night looking forward to eating at our favorite Thai restaurant in Houston (and of course slurping on a nice gruner since it is byob after all). However, we found a table with a picture and some notices that said he had passed away on the 2nd.

Many people growned about his surly service but I personally thought it made the place all that more special, if you weren't going to humor his antics you weren't going to eat the best Thai in Houston. He would come to your table wouldn't say a thing and expect you to be ready to order. Of course, you had to order quickly and efficiently otherwise he would quickly become irratated. If you ordered too much food he would tell you so then walk away.

A unique man that created a unique restaurant, he'll be missed.

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