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Junior foodie reviews Apizz NYC


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Junior foodie reviews Apizz NYC

juniorfoodie08 | | Aug 14, 2007 09:42 AM

A few New Yorkers recommended that instead of dining at Sette, I try Apizz for an Italian food dinner. The menu looked really good and I was excited about going and being let in on this secret "find." However, on the whole, my friend and I were really disappointed. The restaurant atmosphere is very nice, calm, and warm, however, after sitting our table for about ten minutes, we started to feel very, very warm. In the dead of summer I would think that they would run their air a little more, because it became very stuffy and uncomfortable. Our waiter had an attitude and was not very helpful or knowledgable about the food. Anyways... on to the food. We started with a crispy prosciutto with pear, walnut, and parmesan. It was nearly impossible to eat in any dignified way because all of the parts of the dish are hard (or crispy rather) and can't be easily skewered with a fork. And even after I devised a way to get all four parts in one bite, it didn't taste like anything special. The proscuitto had lost the special taste that proscuitto has and instead tasted like simple bacon because it was cooked so thoroughly. For my entree I had the butternut squash open ravioli. TOO SWEET. Really it was painful to eat. I could have had a smaller portion for dessert, but for dinner it was like eating candy and didn't really have a complexity of flavor. For friend had the lump crab pasta. The sauce was a typical red sause, somewhat unusual for seafood I think, and the density of the sauce masked any flavor in the crab. It was a shame considering that people who love seafood (like my friend) want a flavor that complements the seafood, not masks it. We skipped dessert, considering I had already eaten mine for my entree, and quickly left very disappointed.

What are other suggestions on this restaurant? Did I miss the boat on the entrees?

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