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Jukebox Burger: Vegetarian Review


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Jukebox Burger: Vegetarian Review

fraisefatale | Dec 20, 2010 07:14 AM

I really wanted this place to be great.

I'm always excited when I see vegetarian/fish options on a menu, especially at a burger joint. Since I've heard so much about Jukebox's meat burgers, I figured that these folks would put as much effort into their vegetarian options. I was wrong. Here's a quick review:

Burger: I had very little hope for the veggie burger once it was brought to my table. The flower-shaped burger reminded me of Costco burgers, and it tasted like an over-salted hunk of tough cardboard. Come on, Jukebox, every other "gourmet" burger join in town has a homemade veggie burger (or, at least, a decent purchased one). This sad excuse for anything edible was a complete waste.

Toppings: I ordered the "Marilyn," which came with one slice, maybe two, of grilled pepper, though it was supposed to be topped with "mixed grilled vegetables."

Bun: I like pumpernickel bread. Most people who like this kind of bread enjoy taste. My bun lacked any kind of taste -- least of all, pumpernickel. The bun was also dry and filled with air. Not a repeat.

Service: I was sitting for no more than one minute when our waitress asked me what I wanted to drink. She then stood there impatiently while I looked over the milkshake options. I chose a regular chocolate shake, though I would have picked something more exciting if I were given the chance.

Wording: I have a really big problem with ordering anything described as a "Salmon Chunk" burger. I think it's the word "chunk." I mean, who wants to eat chunky fish? I bet this description isn't helping Jukebox sell a lot of salmon burgers.

Overall: I'm willing to bet that Jukebox has one mission: to sell franchises of this restaurant. The place begs, yearns, and pleads for soul, but the only real authenticity comes from the jukebox itself. Even then, the jukebox is a replica. I'll be surprised if this place lasts more than two years.

On the flip side, my husband enjoyed the Gleason Burger.

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